The improved physical and mental states that regular yoga practice brings can have real benefits for people in all walks of life. We all know that long hours at a desk in front of a screen is detrimental to our health, we become sedentary and lethargic and there are severe physical effects, ranging from back problems through to long term physiological disorders arising from poor posture. Quite simply, we need to move! Often!


 Participating in a weekly yoga class at the workplace has a positive effect on many different levels:


  • Relief from lower back pain and stiffness in the back and legs


  • Releases the upper back and shoulders and helps stiff necks 


  • Can help to relieve tension headaches, heavy eyes, yoga is energising and aids motivation.


  • Relieves stress and anxiety, brings calmness and improves thought process


  • Helps to create bonds and develop empathy between colleagues 


I have been teaching yoga in various companies for the last nine years, and all sorts of people (particularly men!) who would never have thought of setting foot in a yoga class are now regular and enthusiastic practitioners, it’s been fantastic to see the effect that yoga has had on them. Current clients include Jack Wills Clothing, Anthropics Technology, Deloitte Digital, the Mako Group and Tideway. Attendees to the classes range from those who do little or no other exercise, through to those doing marathon or triathlon training, with an age range from 20 to 60plus.  Even if people arrive tired and stressed, they leave an hour later, uplifted and animated, and ready to take on whatever challenges may lie ahead.

"After rowing nearly every day for ten years I was very inflexible and could barely touch my knees- let alone my toes! After over three years of yoga with Karen my posture and general muscle movement has radically improved; it has given me much greater flexibility whilst also continuing to exercise my core muscles- and I could not be more grateful”
Daisy Evans, Jack Wills

"Under Karen's careful supervision I have found my strength and flexibility have massively improved, I have also found my muscle definition has improved a lot. It's very calming, the sessions are challenging and really engaging!"
Leo McCall, Anthropics Technology