Many people prefer to be taught on an individual basis. They may lead busy, hectic work lives that do not enable them to attend classes, or they may be new to yoga and nervous of coming to a large group class.


 I teach clients in their own homes on a 1-1 or 2-1 basis; I always like to meet new clients first to take a medical and exercise history, and to discuss with them what they are hoping to achieve from a regular yoga practice. This initial consultation is free and enables me to design a personal practice for them in order to achieve the best progress we can in the time given.


Some private sessions are with regular class attendees, who want to develop and deepen their practice. I have also taught expectant mothers, people suffering with depression, stress or anxiety, and those recovering from illness or injury. One of the great benefits of private yoga classes is that clients feel more confident to develop their own practice and also gain so much more from any group classes they attend.

"After 10 years of fitness (mainly cardio and some weight lifting) I felt I needed more balance and flexibility. I’ve been going to Karen’s yoga classes for nearly two years now and the improvement in my balance and flexibility, especially in my back, has been very inspiring. Karen reminds us to pay attention to and respect our bodies’ own strength so that we progress at our own pace. Thus Karen’s classes help me to be more focused and concentrated. Thanks Karen!"
Katja van Koten