Sports Specific Yoga


In recent years, the numbers of athletes attending my classes has steadily increased, as they saw yoga as a valuable resource to increase their flexibility and range of movement in their chosen sports. As an avid sports fan myself, I was very keen to be able to offer more specific yoga practice for each discipline, and so I undertook and completed The Body Athletic course, with Sarah Ramsden. My accreditation from this means I am now a certified Sports Yoga Coach.

 I am very excited to be able to offer professional, semi-professional and keen amateur athletes from any sport full range of movement testing, and design a yoga based programme for them, incorporating functional movement, stability and flexibility training to improve their performance in their specific sport and help to keep them injury free.

"Not just yoga, but the way Karen has helped me in my boxing has been great; it has given my movement patterns a lot more range and I am easier throughout all movements. It also helps with my punches as I feel more relaxed, compared to before, when I was tense and stiff. This has improved my efficiency when throwing punches. Karen understood exactly what I needed to improve my boxing and help me prevent further injury, also the importance of using my core strength, which has made me feel more confident in my training.”

Ryan Hogan, semi-professional boxer & coach

Video Samples of Class