Class Description and Schedule

Classes are dynamic and flowing, incorporating challenging sequences, with a strong emphasis on core stability, correct alignment and use of breath. Yoga should always be non-competitive, and I always encourage people to develop their own practice and to work to their own abilities in a class. Many of my classes are attended by both beginners and experienced practitioners; they practise safely together as I teach them to understand how the yoga postures can be adapted to their own bodies.




Dynamic Yoga

Monday and Wednesday 12.30 - 13.30

Sunday                             12.30 - 14.00

(No cost, membership required)

Gentle Hatha Yoga for Flexibility

Friday                               11am - 12 noon at Fitness First

(Cost: £10, membership not required)


*Fitness First allows non-members to attend classes for a fee of £20.00, this also allows use of the gym and other club facilities for the day.


Vinyasa Yoga

Sunday 10am - 11am

Private and Corporate class rates available on request.


Techniques Workshop with Karen Russell

Venue: YogaWorks, 5 East Hill, Wandsworth, London, SW18 2HT

On Saturday 30th June 2018 from 2pm-4pm

This workshop will look at how to develop the technique and strength to float up into Crow Pose and ascend safely into and out of Headstands.


We will look at the mechanics of stability, the role of the breath in engaging core muscles and how to build the core strength needed for arm balances and headstands. You will learn to love plank and its variations and hopefully become a soaring crow and enjoy turning the world upside down!


Suitable for all levels (including Beginners)

Price £25 (10% discount for Members)


"Karen is an amazing teacher who has inspired me so much that I went on to complete a teacher training course in yoga. When I started doing yoga it was the physical aspect that intrigued me as I became stronger & leaner. However, a few years ago, when I struggled to find work in my established profession, I was able to appreciate the calming effect and peace my practice gave me, as I learnt more about the breath as I moved into each pose. For the duration of these classes, I was able to forget about my problems. Balances have made me stronger and taught me how to focus my mind enabling me to stay more focused now that I am working. My energy levels have increased and if I find myself "flagging" backbends are instant energy boost. I would not have learned any of this without the guidance of Karen."Claudine Pryce, Yoga Teacher